From Franchise Organizations to Direct Sales Groups, JustMy is here to help your team with Digital Tools. We focus on helping create leads, steady traffic, and increase your local online reach. Keeping you brand in the spotlight with product announcements, content sharing, and client communications is super easy with help from the #FunCrew of JustMy.

You #BeAmazing. JustMy makes it easy.

We want everyone to win. Our DitigtalTOOLS are geared towards helping anyone in our communities we are a part of, do amazing things. Our goal is to empower and assist your mission in the most effective ways possible. Different teams have different needs and JustMy is handing out tools to fill every need.

Digital Business Cards Customized for Your Team

Our first DigitalTOOL, myCARD is the SMART digital business card everyone needs in their pocket. It's so good you don't even need it in your pocket for it to work. Your entire team can now stay on brand. Arm them with your organization's content so they are always prepared to inform their network of product launches, events, and more.

Instant Content Sharing

Without you pursuing your missing and goals, there would be no content. Some teams create as they go, others plan for big releases; either way don't miss a beat when it comes to getting it out there to anyone that is in contact with your team.

Beta Launch Exclusive Perks

Local Sponsorship Status

Your organization, being an early adopter, will be featured as a sponsor for content on The NewsSTAND. This means you will show up on articles and posts that are in your local community. Furthermore, your team members will be spotlighted on content and searches, bringing them more leads.

Community Campaign Spotlights

JustMy has a soft spot for Non-Profits. We want to spotlight any organization that is doing good in the community by sharing it as much of that as possible with the hopes that more and more individuals in our communities will follow suit.

Let's #BeAmazing Together

Business Groups impact a lot of lives

The Campaign to Help
Provide more value with more content for every connection.
Become a Community Partner
Your efforts and community support paired with distribution from JustMy.
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We believe in supporting the community alongside those that already do.

Here to Help You & the Communities You Serve!

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